Banned...Suspended...Turned away from the Prop Community? We want to know!

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Banned...Suspended...Turned away from the Prop Community? We want to know!

Post  MadMax on Fri Nov 20, 2009 3:18 pm

Have you been banned or suspended from other movie prop related forums?

We want to know! That's right we want the details...the truth behind the lies...the nitty gritty!
We want to hear what really happened, what went down, the reason for your exile from the
prop community.

Did someone attack your character? Were you baited into a trap? Perhaps turned away or shunned
for speaking the truth, or for bring light to the lies and deceit? We want to know!

The Constitution gives you the right to free speech, use it, embrace it for it needs to hear what you have to say!

We want to know, so tell your tale my friend for you are in safe harbors.

Another fine topic brought to you by none other than!
MadMax!!!!!!!! Twisted Evil


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Re: Banned...Suspended...Turned away from the Prop Community? We want to know!

Post  Thomas Paine in the Asse on Fri Nov 20, 2009 7:11 pm

My story in a nutshell:

--I was one of the "AOL Dinosaurs" who came to the original RPF from the old AOL prop boards.

--I was known as a helpful and discriminating collector who used his legal background to assist and educate other collectors.

--I got into some extended and heated conflicts with the likes of Guy Raz and Paul Francis.

--Along the lines of Nietzsche's warning about monster-slayers becoming monsters themselves, I got caught up in a cycle of conflict with some of the more detestable folks in the hobby. I became admittedly obnoxious and singularly associated with controversy.

--As a result of my outspokenness and unabashed willingness to engage with knaves and fools alike, I got banned. I take a fair share of responsibility for becoming an "administrative burden" due to my unyielding persona. On the other hand, the circumstances surrounding my expulsion were publicly confirmed as unfair and contrived by the folks behind the deed.

--I became persona non grata at the RPF and became a vocal critic of what I perceived as an increasingly autocratic series of administrators.

--For several years I harbored great animosity toward those who caused me to become PNG and to those who perpetuated that status.

--Over time, I got over my ill will, but my disagreement with the way the RPF is administered has never abated.

--I hold hope (perhaps foolishly) that the RPF will one day be restored to its once equitable and equanimous state and that I and others will be able to enjoy the online aspect of prop collecting to its full potential.

--My situation, like that of a few of my friends here, is exasperating, because we are honest people who enjoyed collecting. We did not recast or rip people off, and if anything we've helped protect people from the more predatory folks in the hobby. But we have been punished for being outspoken and unwilling to permit ourselves to be treated like wayward children.

--More than anything else, we reject the heavy-handed nanny-statism that is the defining characteristic of the RPF for as many years as one can remember. We believe the folks who currently run the place have strayed so far from the original community spirit and, worse, have became corrupted by the seductive opportunities presented when one holds the keys to the most popular online prop collecting forum.

--We are good people with legitimate grievances, and we are tired of the political gamesmanship and unaccountability that pervades the RPF.

How's that?

Thomas Paine in the Asse

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